Bitterroot Ranch

Judy's Cows for Sale

Montana JR, sired by Dexter Corner Montana, a purebred miniature Jersey bull, bred by Tim O'Donnell of Dexter Corners; Dam: Bitterroot  Penny, 50% miniature Jersey-50% Lowline Angus.
We  have two yearling miniature Jersey crosses for sale.  April is friendly and halter broke.  She is a high percentage miniature Jersey who will make a great family milk cow. 
She is priced at $2,500.
Katie has perfect British White markings but is high percentage miniature Jersey.  She is a bit shorter than Katie.  I am currently milking her dam, Luna, who blessed us with another lovely heifer calf a few weeks ago.  Luna milked two gallons a day when she freshened last year plus raising Katie. Katie has a sweet disposition.  Like her dam she is not overly friendly but then Luna behaves perfectly in the milk stachion which is most important. Katie is priced at $2500.
Patience is not quite 50% miniature jersey. I am selling her with her third calf, a steer.  She has a nice udder and throws lovely calves bred to a miniature Jersey.  I have not milked her because I just can't milk all of them.  She is priced to sell at $1,000 with calf.  Her daughter Patches is also for sale and will be listed below shortly.
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