Bitterroot Ranch

Judy's Miniature Jerseys

Montana JR.  3/4 Miniature Jersey-1/4 Lowline Angus. Photo taken 5/16.  Born 3/2/14

We live on a farm that was homesteaded by the Kerns family in 1910.  I was able to correspond with two of the Kerns boys.  Paul came with his parents in 1910 and Bud was born here in 1914.  Bud sent me pictures of the little Jerseys that his father raised.  I have a copy of an email from Paul Kerns, Dated 1/17/2002 - I believe he was 100 years old at the time where he gave me the following information:  “The dairy consisted of 20 small Jerseys being milked daily.  They fit into the short stalls perfectly.  My Dad told me he found the small Jerseys much easier to handle and the cash crop was then butterfat.  Bud was there growing up while this was happening.  The little cow I was milking in the picture was exceptionally small, a fact which prompted taking the picture.”

The history of our farm is what inspired me to raise miniature Jerseys.  It has been along journey just getting started.


I purchased my first miniature Jersey bull calf, Riverview Cadfael, in 2008.  When he was old enough for breeding we bred him to some of our small frame British White and Lowline cows and several Jersey crosses.

We purchased a second miniature Jersey bull in 2010 and just bought our third miniature Jersey bull in 2012 from Tim O'Donnell, Dexter Corners Montana.

We are expecting a few 3/4 miniature Jersey calves in April and May.  Also a number of half bloods.  I did milk two half miniature Jersey heifers last spring and they each produced a gallon and a half of milk per day while still raising their first calf.

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